What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a nonalcoholic fermented tea containing live probiotics.

How Do you make kombucha?

All our kombucha is brewed in small 5 gallon batches, this allows us to closely evaluate the quality and taste of every batch daily. The tea blends we use (including black, green and oolong) were developed after many test batches to capture our perfectly balanced Wild Terra profile. We help our scoby mothers along with lots of good vibes and 60’s music while we brew, and the occasional break out dancing, For our infusions we use handcrafted recipes that utilize all that this wild earth gives us including, herbs, florals, fruits and spices.

Where does kombucha come from?

Although only recently popular in the United States, there are records of kombucha production as early as 220 B.C. in northeast China where it was widely consumed due to its presumed detoxifying and energizing abilities. Kombucha then emerged in Japan in 414 A.D. where it was notably used to aid the emperor with his gastrointestinal health concerns. Dutch and Portuguese explorers brought kombucha to Russia and other European countries at the beginning of the 20th century for use as a medicine. Since then, kombucha tea and culture have become available to consumers worldwide.

How much should i drink?

Kombucha is a probiotic so only 4-5 ounces are needed per day to enjoy the benefits. Drinking more is perfectly healthy (our team does!) however we recommend increasing your serving gradually as with any probiotic, a large amount initially will inundate your digestive system. 

is wild terra kombucha pasteurized(is it raw)?

This tasty beverage is completely raw so that your body can receive the benefits of all those amazing live and active probiotics.

Every batch is unique and special just like us. Please contact us to share any feedback you have on our product, we are eager to listen.

** A note from Wild Terra: Wild Terra Kombucha is not meant to treat or cure disease. Please note that no approved scientific studies have been performed to understand the effects of kombucha on the body. However, due to the living bacteria in kombucha, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people suffering from immune deficiencies are recommended to consult a physician.