In the summer of 2016 when looking for a space for our project we looked at many new buildings around Fargo but wanted to have something with character and hopefully be downtown. The Stable was the last building we saw. It was cold, boarded up and had been left relatively unused for many years. It was essentially a storage shed for the former tenant of the adjacent building. 

As we walked through using our flashlights on our phones, we immediately fell in love with the building and knew this was Wild Terra's home.

We worked with Kilbourne for some months to put together a plan that would allow us to do most of the work on the building. In March of 2017, we signed the lease and embarked on this amazing project of renovating a horse barn into a cidery.

Ethan worked tirelessly on this building from morning till evening 7 days a week. He did much of the work excluding the certified trades, like electric and plumbing. All the finish work and design we did on our own except for the times we bribed our friends with cider.

The building was erected somewhere between 1905 and 1910 and we tried to preserve as much history as possible. Much of the material was reused throughout the taproom including on the walls, the tables and the joists. Look for the plaque in the taproom that contains the pieces of history we found in the walls and flooring during demo.


See Kilbournes article on the stable  for more detail on the history of our building.