At Wild Terra we use only the highest quality of apples, real fresh pressed juice and never from concentrate.  The premium yeast we use is diverse, including wine and beer strains which manifest into complex and interesting flavor profiles.

Cider can be bone-dry, sweet, sour, fruity, spicy, or funky. Wild Terra Cider will satisfy whatever cider profile you desire and offer you a cider that will expand your palette.

Apples grown in the Pacific Northwest and Michigan are utilized to have cider available year round. Along our journey to bring locally crafted cider we will perpetually be on the lookout for apples within our state lines to craft a true North Dakota cider. Unfortunately there are not any commercial apple orchards, YET! We plan on buying land and planting trees but in the interim we are working with local farmers to expand their crop to apple trees and  we also will be using the apples we find in our region, they might just be in YOUR backyard.

Stay connected through social media for updates on ways we can utilize your unwanted apples and how you can get a free pour of cider used from your apples.