our roots

It all started when....

Wild Terra started like most ideas, over drinks; well honestly it was over many, many drinks.

Founders Ethan and Breezee Hennings had been brewing in their tiny kitchen just beer and kombucha with the occasional cider.  But after going back to visit family in Washington, they fell in love with cider’s deep history and rich diversity.  Ethan and Breezee felt frustrated with a lack of cider options in Fargo and wanted to bring cider back to the forefront of the craft movement where it belongs.

Being the first cider bar was a tough fight initially, laws and ordinances had to be changed and of course over a year of planning just to begin on the remodeling of the beautiful stable building. Although the design and most of the work to restore and rebuild the stable building was done by the Wild Terra team, lots of heart, soul and good vibes came from the community and helpings hands, to which we at Wild Terra will always be indebted.  

When naming our endeavor we wanted to capture  an adventurous spirit and also touch on where we get our amazing ingredients from for our fermentations, so Wild Terra Cider and Brewing Company came to be.