Head Cider Maker, Master of Construction 

Ethan started out as a home brewer and has self-educated throughout his cider making career.  He has been ccp certified and continues to passionately learn about fermentation, pomology, and local terroir. He is also a master carpenter and completed all the remodeling working to the stable building, including the furniture and apple press used during harvest season.  


If there is synth wave or 80's tunes cranked at Wild Terra it is most likely that we are playing his playlist. 


Breezee Profile.png


Founder, President

Head Kombucha Brewer


Breezee started with making kombucha at home as a fun way to try different flavor combinations and to give her family a healthy beverage option. After handing it out to family and friends and hearing they liked it so much, decided it was a great way to partner with Ethan on their love of fermentation and flavor profile exploration.


In addition to running Wild Terra she also designed the taproom from the layout to the light fixtures. The intent was to capture the rustic feel of the original horse stable but keep it modern and comfortable, in an effort to make everything feel like you were just coming over to her house for some good drinks and food.